Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wedding Candy Bar - A Fun Touch For A Beach Wedding

Those of you that have read this blog in the past know that I am a big advocate of small touches that distinguish your beach wedding from a more formal affair stateside. There's a reason that you chose a destination wedding in Mexico or elsewhere -- you're looking for something fun, and often something more laid back and casual. Enter the candy bar idea. Having a monstrous sweet tooth myself, I'm naturally disposed to think it's a smashing idea. Personal preference aside, a candy bar is a fun and relatively inexpensive touch for a more laid back wedding.

When it comes to the details -- whether you want an old-fashioned candy bar or something more specific to your theme -- the sky is the limit! Pick your favorite sweets, as well as those that go with your general aesthetic and wedding colors, and go to town! 

Photo Credit: I'm An Okie Blog

Photo credit: Wedzilla Blog

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