Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is a Destination Wedding Right For You? A Few Pros and Cons

A destination wedding provides several components; an element of travel, a vacation for guests as well as the bride and groom, and generally a unique experience. There are many factors that make a destination wedding so special that should be considered when deciding if it is right for you specifically. Here are a few main motivators for many couples to choose a destination wedding:

R&R for the couple: Destination weddings are great for a couple that wants a more laid back experience. If you live in a busy urban city, you might enjoy getting married at the beach more than in the church down the street.

One-stop shop: Most destination wedding venues are one-stop shops and have everything that you need in one place. These types of resorts also often have planners who will take on all of the work with vendors. Furthermore, most have on-site caterers!

Creates a great home base: Here is one that really hits home. Coming from a family that moved around a lot, I never felt like I had a real home base for which to have my wedding. If you come from a similar situation, or perhaps you and your fiance are not from close to each other, a destination wedding can be a great way to create common ground.

Some other considerations:

Planning from abroad: Some people like to be extremely hands on while planning their wedding; if you are this type of person, a destination wedding may not be for you. If you're unable to make it to your destination on a planning trip, you may have to book the venue, caterer, bakery, etc. sight unseen. 

Challenging Logistics: Planning a destination can sometimes involve some extra work on the backend. There are additional factors that must be taken into consideration -- these include transport of the wedding dress and accessories, transportation for guests, etc. 

Requires Travel: While many guests will be overjoyed for an excuse to travel for your destination wedding, this factor may be a hindrance to certain due to issues such as financial or health barriers. 

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