Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 Unique Spring Wedding Flowers For Your Beach Bouquet

If you are looking forward to a spring destination wedding this year, you are probably smack in the middle of planning. From coordinating travel to locking in the venue and picking music and caterers -- it can sometimes be overwhelming to make such large-scale decisions from far away. Your wedding flower is one of the last decisions that should be made in the process, and should be chosen after dress, hairstyle, and general aesthetic. The secret to picking the perfect spring wedding flower is to choose a varietal that’s unique to you and your personality. That said, there are a few flowers that just scream 'spring,' and will look stunning at a beachside wedding!

Peonies: This  flower is fairly uncommon at weddings, but remains one of my absolute favorites. You can choose peonies that are still in the bud, or fully open blooms, depending on what look you feel best represents your tastes.

Lily of the Valley: Since these flowers bloom during April and May, they are an uncommon pick amongst brides. This varietal has a distinctive and pleasing aroma. The one downside is that depending on your destination wedding location, they may be relatively difficult to find.

Gerberas (Gerber Daisies): This spring flower is beautiful by itself, and can also be stunning paired with other varietals like tulips or roses when creating your bridal bouquet. You could also mix different colored gerberas in one bouquet or centerpiece.

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