Thursday, September 29, 2011

Destination Wedding Etiquette: What To Do For Those Not Invited or Unable to Attend

One downside to throwing a destination wedding is that it is an inevitability that certain people that would be present under normal circumstances will not be able to make the trip. Furthermore, because of the size constraints that many destination weddings impose, it may be that you don't plan on inviting as many people. If either of these are the case, you will still want to find a way to celebrate with those friends and loved ones that either couldn't make it or are not invited. Consider having a party for your stay-at-home friends upon your return (or even beforehand.) This way they'll have a chance to participate in the festivities and you can share pictures and experiences from the trip. Whether this means two full receptions -- wedding dress and all -- or something more casual back home, it's a great way to make sure everyone's included in celebrating your destination wedding!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Destination Wedding Etiquette: Paying for Guests

Over the next several days I will be highlighting several common destination wedding etiquette questions and offering some advice and guidance. To start things off, I wanted to touch on a question that I've heard echoed several times from individuals planning destination weddings. The question of whether or not you are obligated to pay for your guests' plane flights and/or hotel rooms. 

The answer I have to give is a resounding no. You are under no obligation to take on the costs. It's understood when planning a destination wedding that you will have a number of guests decline that would likely be able attend if the wedding were closer to home. With that said, the couple being married also has to understand that there will be people that will not be able to make the trek. 

Before sending out your save-the-dates, see if you can cut the financial burden of your guests down a bit. Call a few airlines and ask about group rates. Do the same for hotels. Finally, try planning your celebration in the off-season, where flights and hotel costs will likely be significantly lower. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bobby Flay's Registry Picks

One of the most popular categories for wedding registries is kitchenware. Because great it can last a lifetime, it's important to put thought and consideration into what items to select when creating your registry. When factoring in kitchen items, it only makes sense to take the opinion of a true expert -- celebrity chef and restauranteur Bobby Flay gives his opinion on the top items to stock your registry with for grilling and more. Here's he had to say:

1. Grilling Kit: It only makes sense that first and foremost would be a great grilling kit, Flay suggests the 5-piece Griller's Kit, $80,

2. Large Serving Dish: serve hot items straight off the gril on a large stoneware platter -- consider Le Creuset Fennel rectangular serving platter, $50,

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Forest E-session in Monterrey, MX

Sweet Forest E-session in Monterrey, MX: "Check out this extremely inspiring and sweet e-session from Daniela Garza, one of our favorites from South of the Border. If you don’t already know about her, you should. She is an incredible photographer who has been on our radar for a long while."

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Style Me Pretty for Destination Weddings

Are you in the early stages of planning your destination wedding to sunny Mexico? The popular site Style Me Pretty offers a great resource for just this. Style Me Pretty's Mexico section of their Little Black Book allows you to start by selecting your location, and then provides great recommendations for everything from event planners, cinematographers and photographers, florists, beauty resources and more based on the location. With gorgeous locations ranging from Cabo san Lucas to Cancun to Riviera Maya, the site is sure to offer something for you. Take a look! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heart Shaped Churros - A Delicious Treat For A Mexican Wedding

While looking through pictures recently from a gorgeous destination wedding in Mexico, I was struck by one of the pictures that featured the idea for a tasty wedding treat that I just loved! A churro, which is sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried pastry-based snack popular in Mexico, Spain and much of Latin America. They're generally covered in sugar, and they are delicious! This wedding served a big pile of churros -- shaped like hearts! What a wonderful and creative idea for adding a special romantic touch to this Mexican staple, not to mention a delicious wedding treat.

Photo Credit: Wedding Nouveau (Right)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Wedding Colors at Your Beach Wedding

As we move into fall, and the days turn colder, I love looking to rich warmer colors for wedding inspiration. Deep purples, golds and dark greens are a few of the colors that I love best for an earthy fall wedding. Planning a fall wedding on the beach and think that these same fall wedding colors don't apply? Think again! Don't shy from playing up the season back home at your beach wedding, check out this great inspiration board with a deep rich red -- perfect for a fall wedding on the beaches of Mexico!

Photo Credit: Project Bride

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Romantic Mexico Wedding, by Holly Wilmeth Photography

I love the inspiration from this gorgeous Mexico wedding
photography from The wedding, which
 was shot by Holly Wilmeth Photography, does a great job 
capturing authentic Mexican traditions, such as mariachi
music, donkey processions, and delicious Mexican recipes. 
Furthermore, it adds its own unique look and feel making this 
wedding all the couple's own! Take a look at the full gallery 
of pictures from this great Mexican wedding!

Korean/Mexican Wedding Cuisine - Bulgogi-Style Burritos

In the last post I gave a great menu idea I found for a cultural fusion wedding, with the suggestion of tandoori chicken tacos at a Mexican/Indian wedding. I love this next idea equally, to be eaten at a Korean and Mexican inspired wedding. I'm a big fan of bulgogi -- a Korean dish that generally consists of marinated barbecued  beef, but can also be made with chicken or pork. While often served fairly simply with rice, or even just lettuce and tomatos, this great idea for a fusion menu involves serving this traditional Korean a taco! Gourmet tacos have become an increasingly trendy menu option, they're fun and customizable, easy to eat, and everyone loves them! Let your imagination run away with you on taking bulgogi and other traditional Korean barbeque meats, and serving them with a Mexican twist!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mexican/Indian Wedding Cuisine - Tandoori Chicken Tacos

This menu idea for a fusion wedding especially appeals to me because it combines what may be my two absolute favorite types of cuisine -- Mexican and Indian! Having grown up in South Texas, I'm a big fan of Mexican food; from fajitas to fresh corn tortillas to carnitas...I love it all. Indian cuisine has also long since held a special place in my heart, saag paneer and chicken tikka misala being among my favorite forms of this deliciously flavorful cuisine. Clearly, I'm a fan of both. So I love this idea for Tandoori Chicken Tacos at a Mexican/Indian fusion wedding!

Cuisine & Menue Ideas for Your Fusion Wedding

I just love the idea of different cultures and origins melding together for one wonderful smorgasbord of an international wedding -- I've mentioned fusion weddings in the past, and wanted to give it a little more attention.

Because most people find it so important to incorporate certain aspects of their heritage into their wedding, there's a high likelihood that each side of the wedding party will have very different customs and traditions that they want to bring in. While at first it's easy to write this off as a difficult task -- combining the deep rooted traditions of a Muslim wedding with that of a traditional Catholic wedding? -- this is actually a great opportunity to create a wonderful fusion wedding! Over the next few days I will be highlighting a different cuisine and menu idea for different Mexican Fusion Weddings -- stay tuned! - Marrying in Mexico: Destination Weddings Double as Vacations - Marrying in Mexico: Destination weddings double as vacations: TULUM, Mexico — I was never someone who dreamed of a big wedding — or any wedding, for that matter. My motto: Give me the honeymoon, and spare me the frothy, white dress.

So when my husband proposed, I said yes — on the condition that we spend an afternoon with a judge and just a few close friends, then run off for a week at the beach. He wanted something a little more formal. In the end we compromised. We got married at the beach, with 70 or so guests, in an event that ended up being cheaper and easier than a traditional wedding, but still unforgettable — with fireworks, mariachis, even a cake fight.

Two years later — as my husband and I traveled to Tulum, south of Cancun, to witness two friends tie the knot on a secluded strip of white sand — I realized I was attending more and more weddings that felt like vacations.

In fact, 10% of the 2 million American couples who marry each year plan so-called "destination weddings" — a 200% increase in the past decade — according to Conde Nast's Bridal Group Infobank and Modern Bride magazine. (Related story: Couples exchanging vows on Alaskan glaciers)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Advice Seating Charts | Wedding Planning, Advice & Etiquette

3 Wedding Advice Seating Charts | Wedding Planning, Advice & Etiquette:

Making a seating chart? Whether you have a formal seated dinner or a buffet, some couples find it easiest for everyone to assign seating. Just remember, that if you choose to do this, you need to take care because, by choosing seats, you are also determining the experience your guests will have. If you seat your best friend next to your crazy Aunt Bertha, don’t expect her to be returning your calls anytime soon. Here are a few helpful tips to help you best navigate the world of seating charts:

1. We’ve all seen it in movies, but actually make a map of the venue. Looking at a seating chart only by table could lead to unintentional problems, such as seating your father’s new wife within striking distance of your mother’s very direct sister. It may seem silly, but visuals help.

2. When making your map include where you want things like buffet tables and the dj set up. Also note things like stairs or narrow walkways, and keep these things in mind when assigning guests in wheelchairs, or those with mobility issues.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Sunny Yellow Wedding Cake

Yellow has always been one of my favorite colors, and I think that bright sunshine yellow is especially perfect for a beach wedding in Mexico. When I came across this gorgeous bright wedding cake I wanted to include it for a dose of inspiration!

Jamie Clayton Photography

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Destination Wedding from Martha Stewart Weddings: Costa Alegre, Mexico

Here are some gorgeous pictures for inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings. The bride and groom wed at Cuixmala, an estate on Mexico's Costa Alegre, and posed on the beach as the sun set. Check out more pictures from this beautiful Mexico wedding!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Because you probably won't be able to personally greet all of your guests upon arriving at your destination wedding location, consider a welcome bag as a great way to touch base and make them feel welcome upon arrival. I loved these suggestions from The Knot on things to include in a destination wedding bag.

Key Contact Info: You'll want to designate certain people as go-to contacts (family members, attendants, your wedding planner); be sure to let guests know who these people are. Include both their cell phone numbers and the landline number for their hotel rooms. Be sure to leave out your own contact info, the last thing you need right before your wedding is a slew of guests contacting you!

A Welcome Letter: Let your guests know how happy you are that they are there with a short note. For simplicity's sake, use your computer to type and print the letters, but sign each one in ink for a personal touch.

A Detailed Schedule: Give a list of events for the trip -- this should include optional trips such as sight seeing tours. Be sure to mention extra costs, and include time, location, dress code, etc. 

Map of the Area: Ask the hotel to give you a reliable map,  don't trust something you find on the Internet unless it's posted by an authority like the chamber of commerce or visitor's bureau.

Local Transportation Information: Bus schedules and the phone numbers of local taxi companies and car services will help your guests get around when they're on their own.

View more tips and ideas for your destination wedding welcome bag!

Wedding Decor | Getting Creative with Flowers

Wedding Decor | Getting Creative with Flowers: "Flowers can be incorporated in various ways in your wedding décor to make it interesting and lively. Rather than having the usual arrangements you can use flowers differently and get creative. The flowers need not be exotic or out-of-the world. Even simple flowers if used creatively can add a lot of weight to your wedding décor.

The trends have changed over time. Wedding décor is now moving away from the traditional arrangements to innovative ones. Like instead of having just flowers, you can incorporate the use of elements like crystals, beads, diamante buckles, using unconventional vases, feathers, twigs, candles etc. Your wedding décor can vary from a few flowers to a lot of them. It totally depends on what kind of an ambience you want to create. Paying attention to smaller details will make the difference. Depending on whether your function is indoor or outdoor, the choice of flowers and décor may vary." ... Read More 

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Chic Finds for the Bridal Party For Under $10!

These bridal party inspirations are great affordable finds, and can be purchased at Forever 21. They offer some great ideas for brides trying to find some great bridal party swag on a dime!
Photo Credit: Lovely Little Details