Monday, September 19, 2011

Korean/Mexican Wedding Cuisine - Bulgogi-Style Burritos

In the last post I gave a great menu idea I found for a cultural fusion wedding, with the suggestion of tandoori chicken tacos at a Mexican/Indian wedding. I love this next idea equally, to be eaten at a Korean and Mexican inspired wedding. I'm a big fan of bulgogi -- a Korean dish that generally consists of marinated barbecued  beef, but can also be made with chicken or pork. While often served fairly simply with rice, or even just lettuce and tomatos, this great idea for a fusion menu involves serving this traditional Korean a taco! Gourmet tacos have become an increasingly trendy menu option, they're fun and customizable, easy to eat, and everyone loves them! Let your imagination run away with you on taking bulgogi and other traditional Korean barbeque meats, and serving them with a Mexican twist!

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