Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Decor | Getting Creative with Flowers

Wedding Decor | Getting Creative with Flowers: "Flowers can be incorporated in various ways in your wedding décor to make it interesting and lively. Rather than having the usual arrangements you can use flowers differently and get creative. The flowers need not be exotic or out-of-the world. Even simple flowers if used creatively can add a lot of weight to your wedding décor.

The trends have changed over time. Wedding décor is now moving away from the traditional arrangements to innovative ones. Like instead of having just flowers, you can incorporate the use of elements like crystals, beads, diamante buckles, using unconventional vases, feathers, twigs, candles etc. Your wedding décor can vary from a few flowers to a lot of them. It totally depends on what kind of an ambience you want to create. Paying attention to smaller details will make the difference. Depending on whether your function is indoor or outdoor, the choice of flowers and décor may vary." ... Read More 

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