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Blood Orange Margarita

Now here's a fun idea for a signature cocktail for your beach wedding. This blood orange margarita not only sounds delicious, but adds a great festive look for a wedding drink! Serve these at your beachside reception, and you're sure to see some happy faces!

2 oz tequila
2 oz orange liqueur
2 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
4 oz fresh-squeezed blood orange juice (~3-4 oranges)
1 oz simple syrup

Mix tequila, orange liqueur, lime, and orange juices well. Taste for sweetness and add simple syrup if desired. Pour over two small glasses of ice.

Yields: 2 servings

Dia de Los Muertos Cake Toppers and Decorations

Another great idea for incorporating Mexican culture into your destination wedding! Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is the Latin American holiday which focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember members who have died. Sound a little morbid for a wedding? Not necessarily! Dia de Los Muertos is a celebratory day to remember and honor, not to mention the traditional decorations make for some great inspiration!

More couples are incorporating Dia de Los Muertos and its decorative style into their wedding celebrations, and the bright colors, marigolds and other flowers, and papel picados all make for great wedding flare. If you want to incorporate the holiday on a smaller scale, consider including in a pile of sugar skulls (a traditional treat of the holiday) either on the tables or as a wedding favor.

For the couple that has a sense of humor, Dia de Los Muertos wedding cake toppers are a lot of fun; if you want to take it a step further, consider an entire Dia de Los Muertos themed colorful cake!

Kate Webber Wedding Photographer

I absolutely fell in love with the elegant and tasteful style of wedding photographer Kate Webber. Her photos capture simple beauty, and often incorporate nature and surrounding settings seamlessly. Webber features wedding photography in Mexico, as well as Sonoma, Napa, the Hamptons, and New York City.

Kate talked about her experience at Cuixmala Mexico with glowing reviews. I am now determined to make the eventual trek to Cuixmala, a private estate set in lush vegetation surrounding the Mexican Pacific. The resort is set on an eco-preserve, and features several areas to choose from within the property--including a Moorish mansion looking over the bluffs of the Mexican Pacific, or a private bungalow with sweeping views of the surrounding area (including zebras which run free on the property!

Wedding Inspiration from Rancho la Puerta (via Bridal Bubbly)

Anyone who has seen my blissed out state for the past week knows that I just returned from Rancho la Puerta. And anyone who has been to Rancho la Puerta knows what a beautiful and amazing place it is. Located in Baja, the resort sits at the base of Mount Kuchamaa and features traditional Mexican architecture and stunning gardens.
 I was completely captivated by the rustic charm of the buildings and the natural beauty of the herbs and cactus which cover the grounds. Walkways are lined with rosemary and lavender bushes, making strolling around the property a heady experience. After spending a week in this little bit of Mexican paradise and getting truly rejuvenated, I thought I'd share some inspiration for a Rancho la Puerta style wedding.

I was in heaven with the amazing cuisine at Rancho la Puerta. Since they have their own enormous organic garden, the meals were so healthy and delicious. Lots of fruit used in creative ways like an avocado sorbet served with mango and a lemon tiramisu with papaya. And, of course, bowls and bowls of papayas, mangoes, and melons. Exotic fruits are perfect to incorporate into a summer wedding, whether in a display or desserts. I am a huge fan of fruity desserts and find fruit in general so refreshing during the heat of July and August. ... Read More

via Bridal Bubbly

Custom Wedding Banners & Banderitas

Want to add that traditional romantic feel of Mexico to your destination? I love the idea of these custom made wedding banners. Papel picado is the name for this authentic Mexican craft, and they are a traditional Mexican celebratory decoration for weddings, birthdays and other events.  Mexican Sugar Skull offers these great banners, which are  handmade by a 74 year old master papel picado artist in Puebla, Mexico...doesn't get more authentic than that! 

The papel picado banners are white, finely detailed lacy tissue paper, and will look great backlit at your evening reception or ceremony. What a great and affordable way to add a charming local touch to your beach wedding. If you'd rather add a little color, they come in varieties of colors, shapes and sizes, so customize as much as you like! Find out more information  at

Powder Blue and Nude Accents - The Bride's Guide (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Small details can really make a big impact, and that's why in this from our powder blue and nude series, we're all about the accents. Desiree Spinner of Desiree Spinner Events, a design and planning company that's been specializing in personalized weddings since 2004, came up with a few DIY ways to use this soft color palette at your wedding.

In the gallery, her hand-stitched napkin escort 'cards', seaside-perfect votive candle holders, and a welcome sign made from a life preserver (how great would that be for a New England fete?) are the shining stars. Check out the step-by-step for how to make them yourself. ... Read More

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Destination Spotlight: Playa del Carmen

If you're looking for a fabulous and romantic place to plan your wedding excursion in Mexico, consider beautiful Playa del Carmen, often referred to as Mexico's best kept secret. 

Unlike other Mexican vacation destinations, Playa del Carmen is an upscale spot where travelers can enjoy the many facets of Mexican culture. Accommodations range from traditional style hotels to more modern condo style housing that’s great for groups or families. 

If your wedding party is interested in some adventurous day trips while in Mexico, the options are widespread. Take an ATV ride through the jungle, or go on a hike through the Mayan ruins. It is also a well known spot for fine Mexican food, and features Mayan cuisine, modern Mexican, and varied international dishes. 

Mexico Wedding Inspiration

As you plan your south of the border wedding fiesta, take some time to draw inspiration from the fiery flavor that encompasses your wedding destination. I've talked plenty about tying your destination into the theme of your wedding--not only is it great a great way to honor and respect the local community, but it's not hard to have fun with a colorful Mexican theme!

One way to get all of your guests optimally excited about the upcoming wedding getaway (like they'll need the help) is to coordinate a fun Mexican themed shoot for your engagement. If you'd rather go another route, bring the memories back home with you and tie in the local flavor for your wedding day pictures.

This inspiration shoot by Couture Events and Joielala is filled with Mexican details and bold colors. See all of the fun and unique photos on their blog!

Frida Kahlo Inspired Wedding Shoot

I've always been a huge fan of iconic artist Frida Kahlo's work and story. She is defined by elements such as passion, vibrance, and Mexican culture. This unique wedding shoot channels the fiery charm that made Frida great. While the shoot, by Isabel Lawrence Photography and planned by Celebrations of Joy! took place in Palm Springs, these character-filled pictures bring you right into old world Mexico.

The sight describes the rich beauty of the textures, intense colors, and styled vintage and Mexican pieces, and I couldn't agree more. Take a look at these pictures from the Frida-inspired wedding, and be sure to check out the full gallery!

Wedding at Moon Palace Resort & Spa

Here's some footage from one couple's destination wedding photographed at the Moon Palace Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico:

Ryan & Angela from Maura Hernandez Photography on Vimeo.

Great Father-Daughter Dance Songs

The first dance with your father is always going to be emotional, in a sense it represents the last moments of being your father's little girl before he gives you away to your new life.

The Wedding Channel recently posted this list of top father-daughter songs.

  • "What a Wonderful World," by Stevie Wonder
  • "Father's Eyes," by Amy Grant
  • "Dance with my Father," by Luther Vandross
  • "My Girl," by The Temptations
  • "Summertime," by Ella Fitzgerald

View the full list from The Wedding Channel.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico Beach Wedding by Sabine Scherer

These pictures are from Sabine Scherer and paint the most picturesque image of a dream beach wedding.The couple looks sophisticated yet laid back in khaki and lace, and they look like they're having a blast with the mariachi band!

Click on the gallery for the full wedding fiesta.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Gorgeous Wedding Clip From Beautiful Mexico

Laura + Josh // The All Brevis Wedding // Mexico from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Mexican Wedding Traditions Explained

I posted once about certain Mexican wedding traditions, and ways to incorporate them into your wedding. I'm so keen on the idea of tying the culture of your wedding location in, that I wanted to include some more content I recently came across. What better way to honor the beautiful area in which you're celebrating this special day than to celebrate with fun and unique traditions that honor the beautiful nation of Mexico!

The Thirteen Gold Coins
In certain parts of Mexico, the groom gives the bride 13 gold coins calls "arras." This comes from a Roman tradition of breaking a piece of gold or silver...half the gold to be kept by the bride, and the other half by the groom. It is meant to symbolize compromise in the couple's union, and I can't help but think nostalgically back to those necklaces that each included half of a complete heart. What a great tradition!

Los Padrinos (Godfathers) 
Los Padrinos translates as godparents and are sponsors for different aspects of the wedding such as the flowers, the ceremony, the cake, and even the bride’s dress. These padrinos contribute to the cost of the wedding ceremony.

El Lazo (Lasso) 
El Lazo is intended to represent the unity component of marriage, some couples include an actual lasso into the ceremony, permanently looping them together. Some couples choose to be entwined in orange blossoms as this symbolizes fertility and hapiness. 

7 Steps to Great Abs for Your Beach Wedding and Honeymoon

The pressure is always on to tighten and tone before your wedding day, but it's even more pronounced if you are planning a beach wedding or honeymoon. Because there's a good chance you'll be spending a significant amount of time in your swimwear, and otherwise more scantily clothed in beachwear, it may seem like an extra challenge to get that perfect beach body with all the other pressures of planning a wedding. Follow these 7 tips to have you rocking that white wedding bikini proudly!

  1. Limit sodium to avoid bloating: Because salt and sodium cause water retention, high-sodium foods are one of the highest perpetrators when it comes to stomach bloat. Try to limit the amount of salt that you consume and stay hydrated to help flush out excess fat and toxins. 
  2. Switch up your exercise routine: It's easy to stick with the same tried and true workout routine once you've mastered it. But to achieve optimal results, you'll want to try different workouts to keep your body on its toes. 
  3. Don't forget about fiber: Eating high-fiber foods promotes digestion, and helps you flush excess waste and fat out of his system. 
  4. Include Cardio: Diet and strength training aren't enough to get your abs looking their best, make sure you incorporate cardiovascular exercise as well. 
  5. Include the RIGHT cardio: Just because you exercise doesn't mean that you are going to lose weight. If weight loss is one of your goals, make sure your heart rate stays in the optimal 'fat burning zone' while doing your cardio exercises. This optimal zone is 65% of your max heart rate and to determine your max heart rate, take 220 less your age. 
  6. Avoid fad diets & late night munching: Always eat breakfast and and have a small snack every 3 hours. Also avoid eating heavy meals in the evening. 
  7. Age is just  a number: While it's true that your metabolism slows as you get older, this doesn't mean that you can't lose the weight. INcreasing lean muscle mass will help your body burn more calories and fat around the midsection.

Wedding Inspiration Board: Pretty Pinwheels | Wedding Ideas and Inspiration Blog

Pinwheels are such happy things. Seriously, just try to be in a grumpy mood holding a pinwheel. Impossible. But if you are worried that your wedding might start to look to much like a circus or a child’s birthday party if you use pinwheels, here are a few fun ways to incoporate them into your decor. Use them on your invitations to give your guests a hint of all the fun they are going to have, and send them off in boxes, rather than traditional envelopes (because crushed pinwheels are not happy). Instead of flowers, use them to decorate a lawn aisle or make the pinwheels out of interesting paper, such as maps (perhaps to where you are headed on your honeymoon), and use in place of floral arrangements on the guest book table. Pinwheels also make cheery cake toppers, whether you have a traditional wedding cake or cupcakes (bonus points for matching the pinwheels to the cupcake liners). ... Read More. 

Real Wedding Spotlight: Andreea and Chad

I love these pictures of this couple's wonderful wedding day in Puerto Penasco, Mexico! The photos were taken by destination weddings photographer Caroline Ghetes. The photography is stunning, I love the contrast with the black and white photos, and the pictures on the sand dunes. Take a look!

San Miguel Weddings

Consider San Miguel de Allende for a gorgeous destination wedding location. This ultra-romantic setting is the perfect spot for either a small and intimate family wedding, or a large-scale affair. 

San Miguel de Allende is know for it's authentic charm, featuring cobblestone streets, historic venues, and hospitable accommodations, it's proven to be a favorite location for many getaway wedding parties. Boasting an expansive amount of art, history, and culture, the area is bursting with personality. 

Founded in 1542 by a Franciscan monk, the town still holds onto that feeling of old-world beauty with its graceful arches, colonial buildings, tree-lined patios, and elegant houses built into the mountain slopes.  

San Miguel Weddings is a full scale wedding service based out of the city, and they have some great events on their roster! Their photo gallery displays an elegant combination of old-world Mexican charm and sophisticated elegance. 

The company certainly has their bases covered, taking care of all the intricate details from legalities and ceremony to catering and food service, flowers and décor, music and entertainment, photo and video, transportation and accommodations, Mexican folklore

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Movie Theater Proposal

Fellows take note, I love this creative idea for a proposal! This future groom went outside of the box and made a video trailer of himself asking his girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage. She is surprised in the theater when the trailer comes on, and she discovers that she is surrounded by her family and friends!

Great Ideas for a Mexico Wedding!

Looking for a little inspiration for your destination wedding? Destination Weddings & Honeymoons posted a great list of 20 ideas and tips to add Mexican-inspired accents for your special day!

Carlson Craft Come to Mexico invitation featuring an antique map of Mexico -
Direct From Mexico Colored-tin luminarias -
The Patrón Spirits Co. Patrón Silver tequila

Fun Wedding Idea...Donuts! (via RealisticWedding)

Doughnuts are nothing new, they’ve been around since the late 1800′s. Although their exact origin is still being disputed, these sweet fried dough cakes have become a staple in our culture as the ultimate breakfast food and indulgence. They come in a vast variety of flavors, from glazed to bacon maple. But I’m not here to sell you on the greatness of doughnuts, because there’s a pretty big chance you already know how good they are I’m just here to talk about their place at your wedding’s sweets bar.
Brides are constantly trying to find innovative ways to satisfy their guest’s sweet tooth, so every few years there is a new sweets trend that hits the wedding scene and sweeps the industry like a storm. A few years ago it was the cupcake, then the pie and now it’s the doughnut. As much as I love mini cupcakes and personal pies, they’ve been seriously overdone. I know that will happen with this new trend, but for now, I’m really digging what brides have come up with in terms of serving this ever popular breakfast treat! ... Read More.
via RealisticWedding

Oaxaca, Mexico - Most Exotic Honeymoon Spot

In a list of the 50 best honeymoon spots for 2011, The Knot named Oaxaca as one of the top 10 most exotic honeymoon locations. Known for its strong culture and archeological sites, it's no wonder this area tops the list.

Reasons to go: This colonial town is lauded for staying true to its roots; come for outstanding regional cuisine (chocolate, mezcal and mole, oh my!), authentic crafts and ruins. 

Where to Stay: The Knot suggests Camino Real Oaxaca, a former convent turned grand hotel. 

What to Do: Learn about local cuisine with chef and culinary author Susana Trilling. Visit the market; then cook a feast at Trilling's Seasons of My Heart Cooking School.

Wedding Cruise!

If you're planning a destination wedding to Mexico and want to really amp up the experience, consider a wedding cruise package. While not for everyone, the wedding cruise is a great way to combine the joy of your wedding with the adventure and beauty of travel!

Because everyone (with some weak-stomached exceptions) loves a cruise, this is a great way to bring family and friends together for a fun vacation atmosphere for your wedding. Many ship companies even specialize in cruise ship weddings and offer special packages that include all the necessary components for a cruise wedding.

Another big advantage...planning a cruise wedding is generally a more simple process. If you go with a  cruise company that specializes in weddings, they will generally have their own wedding planner; furthermore, most wedding cruise packages will include flowers, setup and decorations, food, and accommodations for the wedding guests.

Vera Wang Debuts Bridesmaid Collection For David's Bridal

Finally! The much anticipated collection of bridesmaids dresses by Vera Wang for David's Bridal is here. Hopeful Vera enthusiasts everywhere can rest assured that the iconic wedding dress queen has lived up to her ever-high expectations. The gorgeous collection showcases Vera's signature elegance and charm at an affordable price--all dresses are between $150 and $250. 

Gone are the days when a bridesmaids dress was a dreaded ensemble; brides are becoming more conscious of picking looks that are tasteful and flattering, and with collections like these, it's easier than ever to do so! Make sure to check out the full collection at 

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Finding the Perfect Accessories

Chesca and Becca are the sibling masterminds behind Dolecka, a bridal accessory company inspired by their great grandmother, who passed them her talent for crafts and recycling.

The two accessory experts shared some tips for choosing the perfect bridal accessories with Bridal Musings, and I wanted to pass on the information as well!
  1. Choose your dress first. It sounds obvious, but they say its not uncommon for brides to fall in love with an accessory pre-dress and try to work around it. Find the dress first, remember that this is still the most important part of your look! 
  2. Go to the movies! What better place to find inspiration for picture-perfect romance? 
  3. Splash on some color! It can make for a great look (and is becoming increasingly popular) to throw in a bold splash of color to mix up the classic ivory wedding ensemble. 
  4. Tiaras are not your only headpiece option. Chesca and Becca report seeing a huge trend towards soft vintage or bohemian pieces--flowers, feathers, etc. 
  5. Costume change! Why settle for one look when you can have two?! Consider going for a more subdued accessory scheme for the ceremony, and then mixing it up for the reception!

Yelapa Islands, Mexico Wedding

Yelapa Islands, Mexico Wedding from on Vimeo.

Getting A Passport For Your Destination Wedding

Passports are issued to U.S. citizens by the US Department of State and are required to enter and leave countries outside of the United States. This now includes Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda. You will also be required to present your passport to re-enter the U.S. after your wedding or honeymoon. The passport requirement does NOT apply to  citizens traveling or returning from a U.S. territory. 

New Application for a U.S. Passport
To obtain a passport for the first time, you need to go in person to an issuing office. To find the closest location and download the application form, go to

Required Documentation
Two photographs of yourself, proof of U.S. citizenship, valid form of photo identification such as a drivers license

In the past it has taken an average of 10-12 weeks to process a new passport application and with the new passport requirements, the processing time as increased. Our recommendation is to apply early to avoid having to pay additional fees for an expedited service.

Renewal of U.S. PassportMost passports can be renewed by mail, but there are exceptions including: a damaged or altered passport, a passport that was issued more than 15 year prior, a passport that was issued to you when you were under16 and a passport that was issued under a different name.

Gorgeous Puerto Vallarta Wedding: Lety and Ryan

I had to include pictures from this vibrant Puerto Vallarta wedding that I just came across on Project Wedding. The bride's laid back yet elegant look is perfect for a beach wedding, and a gorgeous bouquet of tropical flowers added just the right touch.

I also always love to see a groom get it right for a beach wedding. The full black tux just seems too formal, while many grooms go the super casual route and opt for a button down and linen pants (I've always thought this was just a little too casual.) This groom hits the nail on the head with a well-fit khaki suit and simple lapel; the couple couldn't look better for their wedding day!

Lety and Ryan celebrated their vows with a destination wedding on a private beach in Puerto Vallarta. The pictures were captured by KLK Photography,  and Adventure Weddings handled the coordination and planning.

The Perfect Palette: {Hello, Summer!}: A Palette of Kelly Green, Chartreuse, Light Green + White (via The Perfect Palette)

Well, hello, Summer! Did you hear? It's officially Summer! As of two days ago to be exact! I think it's safe to say that down here in Georgia it has definitely felt like Summer for quite some time so I'm glad it's official now. Summer really is the best time for using bright, vibrant color! Aren't these the most lovely shades of green? I'm picturing a small wedding, with just a few family and friends under the canopy of beautiful trees. Personally, I love small guest lists because they give you the opportunity to actually say hello to everyone and visit! Also, when you have a small guest list, it gives you time to focus on fun details like signature drinks! I'm loving the idea of mint juleps! So refreshing and fitting for Summer. What do you think? Oh, and why not have a popcorn bar set up for a late night snack? I actually did this at our wedding and it was a huge hit! ... Read More
via The Perfect Palette Blog 

Finding Just The Right Wedding 'Do For You!

When planning your wedding, it can often feel like the list of decisions that need to be made are never-ending. One of the most important stylistic decisions after picking the dress is deciding what bridal hairstyle you will go with. It's important to plan ahead and experiment with your wedding 'do. Consider your dress' style, your face shape, as well as the general mood you are going for with your wedding. Classic elegance? Low-key charm? Or maybe something more grand and extravagant...the bridal hairstyle can completely change the feel of your wedding look, and tie together your ensemble if done correctly.

If you've found a hair stylist that you trust, make an appointment as early as you can just to play around with different styles and start to find a direction. Make sure to factor in accessories when making this decision. If you’re planning to wear wedding hair accessories, a veil, or a tiara, make sure to incorporate those into the design plan for your hair. Shimmery pearl hair pins or a sparkling headband might be the perfect finishing touch for your bridal ensemble and style!

Another factor, possibly the most important, when picking your wedding hairstyle is finding something that will stay in place and that you feel comfortable with. While we all want to look like a million bucks on our wedding day, there's no point in picking an ambitious hairstyle that will fall within the hour. Keep in mind, you'll be dancing, hugging and bouquet tossing throughout the course of the want a hairdo that will be able to whether the night while remaining relatively intact.

 If you have straight hair that has a hard time holding curl, consider going for something better suited for your natural hair type. If you have curly hair that looks great straightened...for the first hour, embrace those curls! When experimenting with different styles, try leaving a style in for the remainder of the evening to see how it holds up. Work with the hair you have and your stylist, and your bridal 'do will be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding-day look!

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Pretty Wedding Invitation Seals

When it's all said and done, a lot of planning your dream wedding comes down to the small touches. The number of intricacies that go into planning can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it can also be part of the fun of the planning process! One example - wedding invitation seals.

Looking for a great customized wedding seal? I loved these Coral Color Scheme Products from The Wedding Shoppe, sure to add a great touch to any invitation!

Check them out!

An Interview with leading wedding photographer Ken Buist |

Ken Buist is one of the most respected photographers in the industry, his warmth and easy manner instantly puts you at ease in front of the camera. A favorite of celebrities and society alike, Ken has a unique quality that is the reserve of top wedding photographers – a rare mix of creativity, vision and unparalleled technical ability.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ken has photographed hundreds of weddings, here he shares his rare insight into the world of exclusive weddings and his top tips to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. ... Read More.

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Wedding Spotlight: Justin and Ky - RIU Palace, Riviera, Mexico

Cage and Aquarium photographed for this gorgeous destination wedding in Mexico. The couple and 30 of their friends made the trek to the RIU Palace in Riviera Maya for an amazing weekend that culminated with a beautiful wedding next to the beach!

5 Rehearsal Party Ideas For Your Los Cabos Wedding

Planning your dream destination wedding in Cabo? This popular
 location lures wedding travelers from all over the globe with its tropical beauty and fun atmosphere. So once you've settled on the venue, it's time to plan a rehearsal dinner worth remembering! Here are a few great rehearsal party ideas from Cabo San Lucas Weddings:

Villa Party: Whether you're getting married in a private Cabo villa rental, or just want to ramp things up with a super impressive rehearsal dinner, a catered villa dinner party is a memorable start to the fun. Being able to decorate and customize your menu will allow you to create an experience that's completely representative of you as a couple. Villas can accommodate a variety of group sizes and you can take your pick between the style and size villa you'd like. Explore Cabo villas here!

Private Yacht: This rehearsal option is sure to drop a few jaws, and will make your guests feel as though they've really been given the royal treatment! Chartering a private yacht for a dinner cruise is a great way to enjoy the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean while cruising around scenic Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo's First Class Restaurants: Cabos features a plethora of fine dining options, from ethnic to standard American cuisine. You are sure to find a restaurant that meets your standards, whether it be an intimate quiet setting, or a large-scale lavish restaurant. Check out these Los Cabos dining options.

La Isla, the floating beach club!
A Floating Private Beach Club: You read that right...and this one has to be my personal favorite. La Isla--described as a "floating beach club"--is a motorized platform that departs from the Cabo San Lucas marina and travels the bay. It offers a bar, restrooms, shade, and space for up to 30 guests!

Host a Beach Party: If you're looking for a more affordable way to throw a knockout of a rehearsal dinner, don't be afraid to take a more DIY approach; since you're getting married in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, why not take advantage of the natural setting and customize your own dinner on the beach? Tie the evening together with a fantastic meal, consider a customized menu from a professional caterer.

Wedding Dress Trends of 2011

Wondering what the hot new dresses are this Season? The Knot breaks down the top trends of the season, calling it a season of "refined classics."

Check out the video footage from The Knot which breaks down the looks of the season, as they appear on the runway!

Customizing Your Destination Wedding, With A Mayan Twist!

The number of couples choosing destination weddings is on the rise, and with the state of the economy in such flux, it's no wonder--as this route offers a relatively affordable alternative for couples that still want to enjoy a luxurious wedding experience. A recent survey in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons magazine reported that about a quarter of all engaged couples tie the knot away from home. The idea of affordable luxury in an exotic setting is certainly a compelling reason to consider a remote wedding, however most couples still want to maintain some uniqueness or customization.

There are all types of ways to give your destination a feel that is unique to you as a couple; from small touches and activities, to signature decorations, there's no reason to opt for a canned beach wedding that doesn't also represent you as a couple. 

For the couple that is really looking to do something different, consider this: a beach wedding with a Mayan twist! Officiated by a Mayan Shaman, the traditional ceremony is a spiritual and interactive celebration which honors the four basic elements--earth, water, air, and fire. 

After the ceremony is complete, invite guests to join you for a traditional Temazcal, a Mayan sweat lodge that involves the shaman guiding guests through a purification ritual which commemorates new beginnings. 

After honoring the traditional aspects of the Mayan ceremony, you can always bring things back to a more standard American ceremony, while still incorporating small touches and rituals of the Mayan celebration, not to mention all of the fun decoration options! 

Wedding Pinatas!

Since you're planning a wedding on a beach, it only seems appropriate to incorporate some of the local flavor and traditions into your ceremony and reception. I've previously mentioned fun ways to tie Mexican wedding traditions into your ceremony, and one of my favorite ideas has to be the wedding pinata.

Not only can you customize your own fun look and fill it with whatever you like, but who doesn't love throwing on a blindfold and busting into a pinata? They definitely make a fun light-hearted touch for a Mexican beach wedding!

Geronimo Balloon Troopers!

I've always had a special place in my heart for balloons, they serve no real purpose, yet they can pull together a room if done correctly. So when I found this woman that started her own custom balloon company, it caught my eye! The large round balloons, adorned with ribbons and other finishings, would add a whimsical touch to any outdoor wedding!

Geronimo Balloon Troopers from hak lonh on Vimeo.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Shades

Sunglass -- now that's something that many may overlook when planning for their big day. But when you're planning a beach wedding, having the right pair of shades on hand is much more imperative than you would think! Even though you won't be wearing them during the reception, or in the bulk of the pictures, I guarantee you they will come in handy--and when they do, you don't want to be caught in the wrong pair!

The New York Times recently posted an article about finding just the right shades for your face, and I definitely learned a thing or two. I can attest personally that not all shapes or frames look good on everyone. Having a relatively narrow face myself, I have often had to forgo the big funky frames that I love for smaller frames that won't overwhelm my face shape.

In this article, NYT enlisted the help of an expert from Solstice Sunglass Store. She gave the following guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Smile Test: When you smile your frames should not be resting on your cheeks. If they lift up when you smile, they are too large.

2. Choose Contoured Frames: You want to minimize the amount of space between your temple and the edge of the frame.

3 Pay Attention to the Bridge: Too much space between the bridge of your glasses and the bridge of your nose is a sign of poor fit.

View the full article from the New York Times. 

I Love This Welcome Date Tote Set

I really loved this Welcome Date Tote, which comes in a set of 20, from The Wedding Chicks. They offer a number of totes, and in various colors, but I like the simplicity of this soft tote with the simple date written out. Check the all out!

DIY Vintage Wedding Spoons

I can never get enough of wedding DIY ideas, and I really enjoyed this idea for vintage spoons, from Green Wedding Shoes

They suggest using the spoons for seating cards or table numbers for your wedding. These would be easy to make at home and then transport for your destination wedding, as long as your wedding party isn't going to be too huge!

Here's a look at the finished product! Get step by step instructions for this fun project here!

Groom Speech 101!

We all know that public speaking can be daunting in general, but it can be especially so when standing up and addressing a group of your closest relatives and friends on your wedding day. How to adequately summarize one of your most meaningful relationships into a few minutes time? How do you make sure you thank everyone that needs to be thanked, and show the entire group that traveled for your destination wedding just how important you are to them?

While this is difficult for all of us, it can be even more challenging for your groom; let's face it, men aren't always quite as forthright with their feelings as women tend to be, especially when it comes to such sentimental topics.

So grooms, take note! Here is a list of points to consider and factor in when constructing your perfect grooms' speech!

  • People you should thank,
  • Stories you can tell,
  • The feelings of your big day,
  • Groom wedding speech jokes,
  • Your bride’s personality,
  • Ways of getting the audience involved.

Wedding Spotlight: Rosaria and Ralph

Rosaria and Ralph took off for beautiful Cabo San Lucas to celebrate their destination wedding with just 13 of their closest friends and family members. Both the wedding and reception took place at the Hacienda Cocina private beach and restaurant.

You can tell from the pictures that this was a fun group--I love the emotional shots dancing, the laughter, and the beautiful colorful scenery that these pictures capture. Check out these wonderful shots, from Stak Photographer Duo.

Rock Candy Wedding Cake

Here's another great idea for a fun and contemporary wedding. I added a post recently about adding a candy buffet to your wedding reception, well this takes things one step further...

If you are interested in going with a fun and playful look for your destination wedding cake, consider really amping it up and going with something like this incredible rock candy wedding cake.

It's easy to coordinate with your wedding color palette, and is sure to wow guests with it's fun aesthetic and creative twist! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And Now For A Little Wedding Humor...

Well, it's certainly not for everyone. But for the life of the party couple that values a good laugh above all, this invitation sure gets points for creativity! What do you think?