Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding Just The Right Wedding 'Do For You!

When planning your wedding, it can often feel like the list of decisions that need to be made are never-ending. One of the most important stylistic decisions after picking the dress is deciding what bridal hairstyle you will go with. It's important to plan ahead and experiment with your wedding 'do. Consider your dress' style, your face shape, as well as the general mood you are going for with your wedding. Classic elegance? Low-key charm? Or maybe something more grand and extravagant...the bridal hairstyle can completely change the feel of your wedding look, and tie together your ensemble if done correctly.

If you've found a hair stylist that you trust, make an appointment as early as you can just to play around with different styles and start to find a direction. Make sure to factor in accessories when making this decision. If you’re planning to wear wedding hair accessories, a veil, or a tiara, make sure to incorporate those into the design plan for your hair. Shimmery pearl hair pins or a sparkling headband might be the perfect finishing touch for your bridal ensemble and style!

Another factor, possibly the most important, when picking your wedding hairstyle is finding something that will stay in place and that you feel comfortable with. While we all want to look like a million bucks on our wedding day, there's no point in picking an ambitious hairstyle that will fall within the hour. Keep in mind, you'll be dancing, hugging and bouquet tossing throughout the course of the want a hairdo that will be able to whether the night while remaining relatively intact.

 If you have straight hair that has a hard time holding curl, consider going for something better suited for your natural hair type. If you have curly hair that looks great straightened...for the first hour, embrace those curls! When experimenting with different styles, try leaving a style in for the remainder of the evening to see how it holds up. Work with the hair you have and your stylist, and your bridal 'do will be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding-day look!

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