Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding the Perfect Accessories

Chesca and Becca are the sibling masterminds behind Dolecka, a bridal accessory company inspired by their great grandmother, who passed them her talent for crafts and recycling.

The two accessory experts shared some tips for choosing the perfect bridal accessories with Bridal Musings, and I wanted to pass on the information as well!
  1. Choose your dress first. It sounds obvious, but they say its not uncommon for brides to fall in love with an accessory pre-dress and try to work around it. Find the dress first, remember that this is still the most important part of your look! 
  2. Go to the movies! What better place to find inspiration for picture-perfect romance? 
  3. Splash on some color! It can make for a great look (and is becoming increasingly popular) to throw in a bold splash of color to mix up the classic ivory wedding ensemble. 
  4. Tiaras are not your only headpiece option. Chesca and Becca report seeing a huge trend towards soft vintage or bohemian pieces--flowers, feathers, etc. 
  5. Costume change! Why settle for one look when you can have two?! Consider going for a more subdued accessory scheme for the ceremony, and then mixing it up for the reception!

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