Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making Your Speech Even More Meaningful

Speeches are a huge component of a wedding, and an aspect that terrify many shy public speakers. However, the wedding speech is the chance for the best man, maid of honor and various family members let the bride and groom know just how special they are--not only as individuals, but as a couple. Maximize your speech by remembering a few guidelines: 
  • Plan, but don't over-plan: If you've ever taken a public speaking course, you've been told that having your speech too thoroughly prepared is just as damaging as doing too little. Don't write your speech out word-for word; it may come across as stiff or canned, and also may cause you to trip up or lose your place. Instead, write highlights or talking points and go from the heart!
  • Keep it short and sweet: Of course you have a thousand stories about the couple, words of wisdom and personal anecdotes, but your speech will be more meaningful if it doesn't drag on!
  • Practice: Go over your speech a few times, both alone and in front of a friend. Getting feedback from others will be helpful, and saying it to yourself beforehand will help prevent potential waterworks if you're hearing yourself say the speech for the first time day-of. 
  • Add some humor: All the best wedding speeches are poignant, purposeful but also a tad silly!

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