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Karina Smirnoff is Planning Her Dream Wedding, A Destination Wedding in Mexico!

Professional ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff is pretty busy these days. Not only is she gearing up for the new season of Dancing With The Stars, but she is also planning her dream wedding to her baseball playing fiancé Brad Penny.

Karina reported that she is busy in the planning stages of her destination wedding to Mexico! “It’s in Mexico, in Cozumel. We wanted to do a destination wedding. It takes some of the pressure off of planning but also enables everyone to enjoy and have some fun, get a little vacation out of it, too,” the dancer reported.

The wedding will take place on January 21 -- the perfect time to escape the cold for sunny Mexico -- and will involve about 100 guests. Sounds like an amazing south-of-the-border wedding!

Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips: Day 4

Vendor Checkups
This step is very important for destination brides because you have frequently had to make decisions on vendors sight unseen. Ask for a portfolio of pictures and at least three references. Be sure the references are people for whom the vendor did an event similar to yours. Also ask for the names of other vendors who worked those events and use them as further references regarding the company in question. Make sure you've done your research!

Source: The Knot

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Agua De Pepino Con Ginebre - A Good Non-Alcoholic Choice For a A Beach Wedding

I've talked on this blog before about how much I enjoy the idea of a signature cocktail for a beach wedding, but today I wanted to include an alternative signature cocktail for non-drinkers. I came across the recipe for this refreshing summer drink from Life's A Beach blog, written by Michele and Rob Kinnon from none other than Playa del Carmen. This refreshing summer drink is perfect for that non-alcoholic alternative, with its refreshing blend of cucumber and lime, and a kick of ginger!

1 lg. cucumber - peeled and cut in chunks
2" ginger root - cut into chunks
Juice of 2 limes
2 liters of water
1/2 cup sugar
1/8 tsp. saltAgua de Pepino-Ginebre

Put the cucumber chunks into a blender.
Cover with water to 1 inch below the rim and blend until completely smooth.
Pour through strainer into large pitcher, pressing softly on the solids.
Put ginger chunks and lime juice into blender.
Cover with water to 1 inch below rim, blend.
Pour through strainer into the pitcher with cucumber water.
Add in the sugar and salt, stir until dissolved.
Refrigerate. When chilled, stir and serve over ice!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Mantilla Veil

I posted earlier today on a few of the top Hispanic wedding traditions, as discussed on Para ti Novia, and saved one of these traditions for its very own post. Even as a little girl I knew that I wanted to incorporate this look into my wedding -- although I didn't know its name -- and I never changed my mind! This is the classic hispanic tradition of The Mantilla veil.

Mantillas are lace or silk veils worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb, and are often associated with catholic weddings. A true mantilla is a veil that is NOT gathered, although it might be secured to either the hair, a hair comb, or a headpiece. The wedding mantilla, with its delicate grace, adds a touch of elegance to any wedding. After all, if it's good enough for Grace Kelly (who wore a mantilla at her own wedding), then its good enough for me!

Top Hispanic Traditions for Your Wedding

I've included a post before on top Mexican wedding traditions, which are great to incorporate for your destination wedding in Mexico as well as your Mexican themed wedding stateside. I got some really great feedback to this post, so when I saw a piece covering top hispanic traditions from Para ti Novia (one of my favorite sites), I wanted to include it! It can be an overwhelming task to include all of the traditions, but incorporating small touches and variants of old traditions are a great way to pay homage to the beautiful country of Mexico!

Here's the Latina girl's guide to the top few Mexican wedding traditions you don't want to go without!

1.    The Lasso
Lassos are a fun way to incorporate Mexican tradition into your modern wedding. They can be beautiful and chic and look like very large rosaries that wrap around both the bride and groom.  This may be one of  the sweetest traditions because it is supposed to sign the unbreakable bond between the bride and groom.

2.    The Arras
The Arras are another favorite according to Para ti Novia because it is so steeped in tradition. These 13 gold coins represent the fathers dowry to the groom.  It is a gift from one family to another to begin the bonding process between the two family clans.

Now the third tradition given by Para ti Novia gets its own post because I love it so much -- and this one can easily be incorporated into a wedding regardless of whether it has a Mexican theme or not. Stay tuned later today!

Glass Escort Cards

Here's an idea that I came across on "Soundtrack To I Do," a blog which predominantly offers music advice for those soon to be married. The article discussed a wedding dilemma which I would imagine is relatively common for those tying the knot in larger two-story venues. The bride was telling Soundtrack I do that after the ceremony the guests would go upstairs, enjoy a signature cocktail, then return downstairs for the reception. There was one major problem: the guests would have to venture down the venue's small staircase holding drink, cocktail napkin, and escort card. But what if they read their table numbers upstairs and then forgot it before heading back downstairs? As usual, the wedding blogosphere came up with a great solution to this issue...what a fun and easy to implement idea, perfect for a beach wedding!

What fun to customize your wedding glasses with chalkboard paint glasses that double as escort cards, which provide a great component for a casual wedding on the beach. I love the idea above of using classic mason jars, from Emmaline Bride. If you're going for a more vintage feel at your wedding, consider the idea below-- using old coke bottles and adding stickers with the names! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is a Destination Wedding Right For You? A Few Pros and Cons

A destination wedding provides several components; an element of travel, a vacation for guests as well as the bride and groom, and generally a unique experience. There are many factors that make a destination wedding so special that should be considered when deciding if it is right for you specifically. Here are a few main motivators for many couples to choose a destination wedding:

R&R for the couple: Destination weddings are great for a couple that wants a more laid back experience. If you live in a busy urban city, you might enjoy getting married at the beach more than in the church down the street.

One-stop shop: Most destination wedding venues are one-stop shops and have everything that you need in one place. These types of resorts also often have planners who will take on all of the work with vendors. Furthermore, most have on-site caterers!

Creates a great home base: Here is one that really hits home. Coming from a family that moved around a lot, I never felt like I had a real home base for which to have my wedding. If you come from a similar situation, or perhaps you and your fiance are not from close to each other, a destination wedding can be a great way to create common ground.

Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips: Day 3

Take a Trip 

It's important to scout out and secure all of your key venues; consider taking a trip with your fiance down to your wedding destination a few months before the wedding. This will give you the opportunity to scout out venues such as the church, reception, hotels for your guests, rehearsal dinner venue, etc. Other less obvious items that fall into this category include local suppliers such as caterers, florists, photographers and musicians. Next (or during a second trip if you can swing it) you'll want to schedule "tastings" with your caterer, look at potential bouquet schemes from your florist, plan a hair and makeup session with a  salon and organize activities (golf, tennis, walking tours, museums, etc.) for your guests.

Source: The Knot

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sparkle and Shimmer at Your Destination Wedding

I have to say, I may have let my imagination run away with itself on this one. I couldn't help but revert back to a ten year-old girl at the thought of shimmers and sparkles at a beautiful beach wedding -- and who could blame me? I love the idea of adding touches of glimmer and shine to a wedding, and think this look especially suits a larger scale more formal destination ceremony. With the sparkly ocean lit by the moon as a backdrop, I picture a cabana or tented reception all aglitter! From sparkling champagne, to jeweled light fixtures, to a shimmery wedding gown, this idea is ripe with potential! I had to limit myself, but here are just a few inspirational ideas for making your destination a sparkly affair.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun Find for your Wedding: Video Montages to Project for your Reception | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog

Fun Find for your Wedding: Video Montages to Project for your Reception | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog: "Totally loving this idea sent over from Michael Antonia (aka The Flashdance) and Brian Morrow (aka sharkpig). They compiled every imaginable film that has a drinking scene or a dancing scene into a mega dancing montage and a mega cocktail montage. Perfect to be projected for your wedding reception or rehearsal – right?

Picturing the dancing montage below on the back wall of your dancing floor – would be so perfect for a loft space or any other space with a large blank wall or screen." ... Read More

Dance Trailer from Chris Poole on Vimeo.

Resort Spotlight: The Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya

If you're looking for a "retreat resort" with a decadent and luxurious vibe for your Mexican wedding or honeymoon, you may just have found it in the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya. Located on Mexico's Caribbean coast, The Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya wows its guests with an atmosphere that is both relaxing and laid back, yet the epitomy of class and luxury. "You just walk in and you feel relaxed," Weiman Nelson says of this lush tropical resort, with huge spa offering treatments inspired by Asian and Mayan traditions. The Villa Presidencial is a private beachfront hideaway for newlyweds.

"It has 128 rooms but doesn't feel like a big hotel," says Weiman-Nelson. "It's for couples who want their guests to be together but also want some privacy." The lagoons on the property provide a wonderful backdrop for rehearsal dinners; a beach wedding is a "must-do." A large ballroom accommodates weddings of up to 200 guests. All in all, the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya seems like the perfect spot for a lavish destination wedding in Mexico.

Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips: Day 2

Schedule A Test Drive

Remember that this is unique from having a wedding in your hometown, and that guests will be more or less dependent on you once they reach the destination. Go through a checklist to make sure all of your bases are covered -- be sure that you have transportation to and from the airport covered, and that you've mapped out some sort of itinerary for the weekend. Have bus drivers do a dry run of the route to be sure that they don't get lost between the ceremony and the reception. While small details like the last may seem like overkill, all it takes is one misstep to throw off your wedding day groove.

Source: The Knot

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Destination Wedding Inspiration, Coral with Turquoise and Red Palette

I've always been a fan of turquoise and red as a color combination -- I've decorated my room with these colors, themed parties, and always admired a beach wedding with this fun and festive color scheme.

Here's a great inspiration borad with nice touches for your beach wedding using coral with turquoise and red palette colors. 

Parasol Umbrellas at Your Destination Wedding

One idea that I recently fell in love with is the idea of using parasols for your bridesmaids in lieu of bouquets. They're perfect for an outdoor beach wedding, will prove especially handy during an outdoor daytime ceremony, and they're an adorable and unique touch.

Paper parasols are affordable and offer a nice glow in the summer sun, but of course won’t be much help in the case of rain. While many purists may be against mixing things up from the traditional bouquet, I'm a big fan of the wedding parasol!

Photo via Pamela's Parasols

Photo credit: Junebug Weddings

Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips: Day 1

Get Help 
If you've signed up for a wedding package through your planning, the services of a planner is most likely included. If you haven't, try to set aside a portion of your budget -- generally about 10% -- for a planner. Specifically if they work with destination weddings, the wedding planner is an expert at knowing what you need. He or she can take on the burden of researching, auditioning, and securing local vendors -- especially valuable if said vendors speak English only as a second language. Furthermore, the planner is also the behind-the-scenes person, creating gift bags for guests, greeting everyone at the airport, keeping people busy with fun activities once there, vetting special requests (babysitters, dry cleaners, and so on), and getting everyone where they need to be on time.

Source: The Knot

Destination Wedding Basics

Planning for a destination wedding (or any wedding for that matter) is certainly exciting and fun, but can also prove to be a bit overwhelming from time to time. It can be intimidating to face the task of making so many big decisions from a different country, and not knowing exactly what to expect from the outcome.

That's why over the next two weeks I will be going over the top 13 valuable destination wedding tips. Take each daily tip and really think about how you're using it and implementing it throughout your planning process.

Stay tuned for the first tip later this afternoon!

A&A Photography - Mexico Day After Shoot

Andy and Angie Wood are the faces behind A&A Photography, a Denver-based husband and wife photography duo who have been voted Denvers Best Wedding Photographers, as well as one of the Top 350 Wedding Photographers in the World. I wanted to include a few shots from this "day after" shoot in Mexico. I love the pictures on the staircase, as well as the lush vegetation that serves as a gorgeous backdrop for many of the shots.

Be sure to check out the full gallery of pictures!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cabo San Lucas Beach Wedding from Altura Studio | Style Me Pretty

Cabo San Lucas Beach Wedding from Altura Studio | Style Me Pretty: "Altura Studio always, always, always sends us some really swoon-inducing events. Today is absolutely no exception. They were lucky enough to “work” from the beach on Cabo San Lucas for this affair, and I’m pretty sure the ocean-adjacent, piñata-toting, s’more roasting affair was less work and much more swoon worthy play. The laid back and beautiful couple seems so in love, so relaxed, and oh-so-happy. All things you would hope a fantastic locale like Cabo San Lucas would warrant. Click here for more of this beach party on Altura’s blog!" ... Read More

Rustic Mexico Wedding

I put up a post not too long ago which featured a rustic wedding in Mexico, and have been in love with the idea ever since. I like the thought of straying from the standard beach wedding concept and creating a totally different feel and aesthetic than what most of are used to. Furthermore, something about the warm rustic touches and deep colors with the backdrop of the beach and ocean just works. 

So when I came across this inspiration board from Best Destination Wedding for a rustic Mexican wedding, I had to include it! I love everything about this board -- from the deep burgundy to the heavy wooden archway to the cast-iron accents. Take a look!

When it comes to Most Popular Vacation Destinations for International Tourists, Mexico Continues to Top the List | Mexico Current News and Mexico Current Events, all the Latest News on Mexico Today

When it comes to Most Popular Vacation Destinations for International Tourists, Mexico Continues to Top the List | Mexico Today: International tourism to Mexico has continued to rise steadily in the first five months of 2011. Tourism has increased 2.1 percent in this period compared to 2010. On the top of the list of most popular vacation destinations for Americans, Mexico is still “numero uno”. According to the Commerce Department for 2009, 31 percent of all American tourists travel to Mexico for their vacations. Ricardo Anaya told CNN, “The data doesn’t lie...tourists keep choosing Mexico." Even though Americans are traveling less internationally, higher percentages are choosing to travel to Mexico. Additionally, according to a survey by Mexican tourism authorities, almost all individuals who visit Mexico say they would come back and recommend it to others. ... Read More

Via Mexico Today

Steve & Anna's Destination Wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

In conjunction with the last post, I wanted to include a wedding video with some great footage of the natural beauty of Playa del Carmen as a wedding destination. I loved these pictures from one couples intimate wedding in Playa. From the ceremony (which took place in an open air cabana-like chapel), to the casual yet elegant reception right on the beach, these pictures really capture the essence of what a wedding in Mexico can really provide. Take a look!

Steve & Anna's Destination Wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico from Dave & Charlotte on Vimeo.

Destination Wedding in Playa del Carmen

I was talking to a recently engaged friend not long ago who is considering going to Mexico for her wedding; the guest list would be relatively short and the wedding would be intimate. When I asked if she knew where she would want to hold the nuptials she didn't give a moments pause before exclaiming that she would want it to be in Playa del Carmen, one of the most beautiful parts of Mexico.

Widely considered by this same sentiment, Playa del Carmen is a balneario (Latin American seaside resort) city just south of Cancun on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Known for it's white sandy beaches and sparkling water, the pristine beauty of the area makes it a popular setting for destination weddings.

Originally a small fishing town, Playa del Carmen is said to have some of the best beaches in Mexico. Furthermore, the local community and government have tried hard to retain the area's reputation and setting as a small artists' colony and fishing village, and shied away from becoming a large tourist and metropolitan area like Cancun. This brings a unique charm to the area that would wonderfully complement a small, intimate destination wedding!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bohemian Wedding Dress Inspiration From Para ti Novia

Here's a touch of whimsy to kickstart your Friday. I absolutely love these inspirational ideas for bohemian wedding dresses from Para ti Novia. The light gauzy fabric with sheer pieces look so gorgeous blowing in the wind, and the rolling beach makes a perfect backdrop for this look.

I can't think of anything more appropriate for a beach wedding than a cool, laid-back bohemian gown! Check out more pictures from Para ti Novia.

Photos courtesy of Jose Villa via La Partie Events
Photos courtesy of Jose Villa via La Partie Events
Photos courtesy of Jose Villa via La Partie Events

Here's a touch of whimsy to kickstart your Friday. I absolutely love these inspirational ideas for bohemian wedding dresses from Para ti Novia. The light gauzy fabric with sheer pieces look so gorgeous blowing in the wind, and the rolling beach makes a perfect backdrop for this look.

I can't think of anything more appropriate for a beach wedding than a cool, laid-back bohemian gown! Check out more pictures from Para ti Novia.

Photos courtesy of Jose Villa via La Partie Events
Photos courtesy of Jose Villa via La Partie Events
Photos courtesy of Jose Villa via La Partie Events

More Ideas For Mexican Wedding Favors

A few days ago, I did a post which suggested tying in your destination by getting guests authentic Mexican wedding favors, and today I want to post something in the same vein with a few other great favor suggestions!

I read an article recently with tips and suggestions for a Mexican theme wedding that gave some great ideas in terms of favors. One of my favorites was the idea of giving authentic Mexican seasonings in cute bottles. Not only does this idea score major points for uniqueness and creativity, but I am always a fan of favors that are truly usable, and will last down the line after the fun and games of the wedding have ended and your guests have returned stateside. They also suggested wrapping traditional Mexican wedding cookies in tulle and tying them up with different colored raffia or ribbons. Another great suggestion -- small pieces of hand-painted terracotta pottery filled with wrapped Mexican candies, which are now available in the specialty aisles of may grocery stores.

Use your imagination, favors are a great way to show your guests that you appreciate and value their presence, and that you've putting some time into thinking of a way to show them that!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wedding Candy Bar - A Fun Touch For A Beach Wedding

Those of you that have read this blog in the past know that I am a big advocate of small touches that distinguish your beach wedding from a more formal affair stateside. There's a reason that you chose a destination wedding in Mexico or elsewhere -- you're looking for something fun, and often something more laid back and casual. Enter the candy bar idea. Having a monstrous sweet tooth myself, I'm naturally disposed to think it's a smashing idea. Personal preference aside, a candy bar is a fun and relatively inexpensive touch for a more laid back wedding.

When it comes to the details -- whether you want an old-fashioned candy bar or something more specific to your theme -- the sky is the limit! Pick your favorite sweets, as well as those that go with your general aesthetic and wedding colors, and go to town! 

Photo Credit: I'm An Okie Blog

Photo credit: Wedzilla Blog

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camino Real Oaxaca

I recently read an article in The Mexico Report which featured Camino Real Oaxaca, a resort in the beautiful southern state of Oaxaca. The review was written during a stay at the hotel for a meeting for Mexico Today. After reading the glowing review and looking at the pictures of this gorgeous resort, I couldn't help but think how ideal it would be for a destination wedding -- and I wanted to share!

Susie Albin-Najero of The Mexico Report  highlighted 3 primary reasons to stay at Camino Real Oaxaca, and all three are big factors for making a great destination wedding spot. Be sure to read the full article and view more pictures!

  • Hospitality: "What I pay attention to most at hotels is how staff treats other guests. What I saw at Camino Real Oaxaca was attentiveness, sincerity and willingness to help with any request or need. They gave attention when you needed it and space when you didn’t," says Susie. 
  • Location: The centrality of the resort makes this location ideal. It's an easy walking distance from the main square, local markets, restaurants, and main church. 
  • Architectural Beauty: You can tell pretty quickly from the pictures that the hotel is architecturally stunning -- and the courtyard garden (pictured below) would make a stunning setting for a small ceremony!

3 Unique Spring Wedding Flowers For Your Beach Bouquet

If you are looking forward to a spring destination wedding this year, you are probably smack in the middle of planning. From coordinating travel to locking in the venue and picking music and caterers -- it can sometimes be overwhelming to make such large-scale decisions from far away. Your wedding flower is one of the last decisions that should be made in the process, and should be chosen after dress, hairstyle, and general aesthetic. The secret to picking the perfect spring wedding flower is to choose a varietal that’s unique to you and your personality. That said, there are a few flowers that just scream 'spring,' and will look stunning at a beachside wedding!

Peonies: This  flower is fairly uncommon at weddings, but remains one of my absolute favorites. You can choose peonies that are still in the bud, or fully open blooms, depending on what look you feel best represents your tastes.

Lily of the Valley: Since these flowers bloom during April and May, they are an uncommon pick amongst brides. This varietal has a distinctive and pleasing aroma. The one downside is that depending on your destination wedding location, they may be relatively difficult to find.

Gerberas (Gerber Daisies): This spring flower is beautiful by itself, and can also be stunning paired with other varietals like tulips or roses when creating your bridal bouquet. You could also mix different colored gerberas in one bouquet or centerpiece.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sonia & Leo's Mexican Flavored Wedding

Sonia & Leo - June 25th 2011 from Eventide Visuals on Vimeo.

Wedding Photography Prices | Compare Wedding Photographers | SnapKnot

Wedding Photography Prices | Compare Wedding Photographers | SnapKnot: You’ve been planning your wedding in your mind since you were a little girl. You finally met the man of your dreams and he proposed. Now you have to actually plan your wedding; setting budgets, finding a venue, making decisions on who to invite, what kind of flowers to have, finding the perfect dress, trying out different caterers, dealing with your future in-laws, the list goes on and on...

And then there’s the wedding photography; the one thing you have left to help you remember your emotions, events and details after the food has been devoured, the band has played, the flowers have withered and the guests have gone home. You soon come to find out that wedding photography prices vary widely. Some wedding photographers charge just a few hundred dollars to show up and shoot, some charge a few thousand dollars and some charge a small fortune. How to choose?!

Truth is, it’s hard to compare wedding photography prices because the numbers don’t always tell the whole story, so it’s important to compare apples to apples. ... Read More

Mexican Fiesta Inspiration from Paisley Petal Events

It seems that Mexican inspired weddings are all the rage right now, regardless of whether or not the nuptials are actually taking place south of the border, and with good reason! If you're planning a fiesta wedding, take inspiration from the bold flavors and colors of Mexico. Consider a fresh salsa bar, key lime or tres leches deserts, and of course loads of fresh fruits! This inspiration board from Paisley Petal Events is chock-full of creative and delicious ideas that will make any wedding guest pleased as can be at your Mexican wedding!

Kate Harrison Photography

If you're looking for some beautiful destination wedding photography inspiration, check out the work of Kate Harrison Photography at this rustically set Yucatan wedding. 

On her blog, she raved about the area, it's beauty, as well as the accommodations, saying: 
This neck of the woods is the home to a very special family of hotels: The Haciendas. Not only are they exquisite, they have untouched history, a conscious & serious heart. They are committed to sustainability, social & environmental welfare and draw 98% of their personnel from the surrounding region. They make a special effort to empower Maya women, provide education outreach, preventive medical centers and upgrades to local schools. I can't sing their praises enough. Go there.
Such glowing reviews of the area and such unique and stunning photography make for a truly impressive overview. To view the full gallery, and read more about this wedding, visit Kate Harrison Photography.

Tips for Hosting a Flawless Wedding Weekend - Wedding Guest Tips - Wedding Guests -

Tips for Hosting a Flawless Wedding Weekend - Wedding Guest Tips - Wedding Guests -
Give them advance warning. Give your guests the details before your wedding day so they can make sure they're dressed appropriately and have good directions before they head out. This simple step can help make sure everyone is comfortable -- and no one gets lost! Another thing to keep in mind: If your guests have to wonder where they're supposed to be and when, they're bound to get anxious and annoyed -- and those feelings are hard to shake off. Keep them calm by providing detailed itineraries and maps of the area and wedding venues (including contact information for either your planner or another point person) so they always know exactly what's going on.

Stick to your schedule!
You know how annoyed you get when your friends change plans at the last minute? That's exactly how your guests will feel if you stray too far from the itinerary. Simply keeping them in the know if plans change -- whether through a day-of planner or with the help of family members -- will keep everyone from feeling anxious or out of place. ... Read More

Nuevo Mexico, Part 4

So far in this series featuring Riviera Nayarit and its surrounding areas, we've discussed the luxury of Nuevo Vallara, sleepy charm of Sayulita, and comfort and warmth of Punta Mita. Today we discuss a town that offers an even different draw for a destination wedding in Mexico -- who's laid back elegance makes this town the perfect place for a relaxed smaller destination wedding.

Rincón De Guayabitos

At the northern portion of the Riviera Nayarit region, you’ll find the small town of Rincón de Guayabitos, where streets offer sweeping views of the bay below. The town is lined with adobe houses painted a plethora of colors, most of which have cylindrical towers, all of which come together to make a picturesque Mexican setting. The town has a sort of relaxed feel and elegance that is unique to the area, and this atmosphere is epitomized at the Villa Corona del Mar, a boutique bed and breakfast along the Bay of Jaltemba.

If you're having a small to mid-size destination wedding, and looking for the perfect place with an intimate atmosphere in a gorgeous setting, this just may be the spot for you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Go Local With Your Destination Wedding Favors

Once challenge that is frequently faced by individuals as they tackle their destination wedding planning is that of favors. Hauling favors from home for all of your guests is cumbersome and often just not feasible; so why not go local? Not only will this take a huge load off your shoulders, but it's also a great way to incorporate your destination and leave your wedding guests with a great reminder of their trip to Mexico that will last them for years to come.

The trick is to do your research ahead of time. There are extensive resources online that will help you discover exactly what you want in terms of favors, as well as where to get. Pre-order the number of favors that you would like so that when the time arrives, the only thing you'll have to do is pick them up!

Let your imagination run away with you on the specifics. From trinkets that are specific to that town in Mexico, to mini bottles of Mexican tequila, to Caribbean pearls for the female guests, you can go as small or large scale as you want, and your guests will have a fun Mexican souvenir regardless!

Nuevo Vallarta: Part 3

Punta Mita

In the last of our 4 part series featuring different destinations in the Riviera Nayarit area -- all of which possess different draws for a destination wedding -- we talked about the rustic charm of sleepy Sayulita. In contrast, the 1,500-acre gated community of Punta Mita feels a world away. If your idea of a perfect honeymoon is to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing stay in one of the friendliest and most beautiful destinations imaginable, consider the 4 Seasons Punta Mita for your grandiose destination wedding. And as with all of the Four Seasons properties, this one manages to be both grand and friendly, according to its feature in Bridal Guide:
From the moment you arrive, everyone greets you by name. An enormous thatched-roof, marble-floored palapa serves as the lobby, affording breathtaking views of the beach and bay beyond, and winding lanes weave through the lush grounds. The property includes a private Jack Nicklaus-designed championship golf course, tennis courts and an adults-only pool complex with private cabanas and a full bar. A 55-foot private yacht is available for day trips and sunset cruises.

How to Change Your Name - Name Change After Marriage | Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

How to Change Your Name - Name Change After Marriage | Destination Weddings and Honeymoons: If you plan to change your last name after you wed, the process can be time-consuming and downright complex. And for destination brides with multiple travel documents, it can be even more confusing. We turned to Danielle Tate, founder of, for her advice on making the big switch.

• Getting married legally at home and symbolically overseas? Plan your justice-of-the-peace wedding at least six months prior to allow time to change identification documents and book travel in your married name. If you wait until less than three months prior, book travel in your maiden name to avoid airport problems.

• Before an international wedding, make sure the marriage certificate will be recognized officially back home. Check with the Social Security Administration. ... Read More

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nuevo Mexico, Part 2

In the first segment of our 4 part series featuring different locations in the Riviera Nayarit area we spotlighted  Nuevo Vallarta -- whose luxurious villas and sweeping views make a fabulous place for a lavish destination wedding. Today's feature goes in a different direction, and is a prime spot for those looking for a quiet sleepy town tucked away from the hustle and bustle of more prominent tourist destinations.

40 years ago, Sayulita was little more than a few dusty streets surrounding a seemingly empty fishing villag -- dogs and chickens would roam the neighborhoods and the fisherman that inhabited the village generally left early in the morning and returned late at night. But in recent years, Sayulita has had a face lift, and emerged as an optimal tourist destination for those looking for something less mainstream than Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. Sayulita is nothing if not quaint and charming, and something about this sleepy town just feels authentic. This is the perfect place for your destination wedding if you're looking for something more off the beaten path. Your guests will love the fresh seafood, enjoy walking the peaceful streets and beaches, and most importantly relax in this idyllic setting.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mariachi Serenades Beluga Whale at Wedding

How many couples can say a whale danced at their wedding? One couple's July wedding at Mystic Aquarium featured traditional Mexican music performed by Hartford-based mariachi group Los Trovadores de America, and a certain rather large unexpected guest appeared to enjoy the music!

And the best part is, it was caught on film! Read more on this wedding.

Citrus Centerpiece at Your Mexico Wedding!

I've always been a fan of incorporating lemons and limes -- or any fruit for that matter -- into centerpieces, and I think the look is especially effective for a tropical beachside wedding. This decorative scheme is tasteful in its simplicity, costs very little, and looks fresh and summery. Here are a few pictures for inspiration; don't be afraid to get creative and incorporate different types of fruit into your centerpiece!