Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camino Real Oaxaca

I recently read an article in The Mexico Report which featured Camino Real Oaxaca, a resort in the beautiful southern state of Oaxaca. The review was written during a stay at the hotel for a meeting for Mexico Today. After reading the glowing review and looking at the pictures of this gorgeous resort, I couldn't help but think how ideal it would be for a destination wedding -- and I wanted to share!

Susie Albin-Najero of The Mexico Report  highlighted 3 primary reasons to stay at Camino Real Oaxaca, and all three are big factors for making a great destination wedding spot. Be sure to read the full article and view more pictures!

  • Hospitality: "What I pay attention to most at hotels is how staff treats other guests. What I saw at Camino Real Oaxaca was attentiveness, sincerity and willingness to help with any request or need. They gave attention when you needed it and space when you didn’t," says Susie. 
  • Location: The centrality of the resort makes this location ideal. It's an easy walking distance from the main square, local markets, restaurants, and main church. 
  • Architectural Beauty: You can tell pretty quickly from the pictures that the hotel is architecturally stunning -- and the courtyard garden (pictured below) would make a stunning setting for a small ceremony!

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