Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Hispanic Traditions for Your Wedding

I've included a post before on top Mexican wedding traditions, which are great to incorporate for your destination wedding in Mexico as well as your Mexican themed wedding stateside. I got some really great feedback to this post, so when I saw a piece covering top hispanic traditions from Para ti Novia (one of my favorite sites), I wanted to include it! It can be an overwhelming task to include all of the traditions, but incorporating small touches and variants of old traditions are a great way to pay homage to the beautiful country of Mexico!

Here's the Latina girl's guide to the top few Mexican wedding traditions you don't want to go without!

1.    The Lasso
Lassos are a fun way to incorporate Mexican tradition into your modern wedding. They can be beautiful and chic and look like very large rosaries that wrap around both the bride and groom.  This may be one of  the sweetest traditions because it is supposed to sign the unbreakable bond between the bride and groom.

2.    The Arras
The Arras are another favorite according to Para ti Novia because it is so steeped in tradition. These 13 gold coins represent the fathers dowry to the groom.  It is a gift from one family to another to begin the bonding process between the two family clans.

Now the third tradition given by Para ti Novia gets its own post because I love it so much -- and this one can easily be incorporated into a wedding regardless of whether it has a Mexican theme or not. Stay tuned later today!

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