Thursday, September 29, 2011

Destination Wedding Etiquette: What To Do For Those Not Invited or Unable to Attend

One downside to throwing a destination wedding is that it is an inevitability that certain people that would be present under normal circumstances will not be able to make the trip. Furthermore, because of the size constraints that many destination weddings impose, it may be that you don't plan on inviting as many people. If either of these are the case, you will still want to find a way to celebrate with those friends and loved ones that either couldn't make it or are not invited. Consider having a party for your stay-at-home friends upon your return (or even beforehand.) This way they'll have a chance to participate in the festivities and you can share pictures and experiences from the trip. Whether this means two full receptions -- wedding dress and all -- or something more casual back home, it's a great way to make sure everyone's included in celebrating your destination wedding!

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