Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Because you probably won't be able to personally greet all of your guests upon arriving at your destination wedding location, consider a welcome bag as a great way to touch base and make them feel welcome upon arrival. I loved these suggestions from The Knot on things to include in a destination wedding bag.

Key Contact Info: You'll want to designate certain people as go-to contacts (family members, attendants, your wedding planner); be sure to let guests know who these people are. Include both their cell phone numbers and the landline number for their hotel rooms. Be sure to leave out your own contact info, the last thing you need right before your wedding is a slew of guests contacting you!

A Welcome Letter: Let your guests know how happy you are that they are there with a short note. For simplicity's sake, use your computer to type and print the letters, but sign each one in ink for a personal touch.

A Detailed Schedule: Give a list of events for the trip -- this should include optional trips such as sight seeing tours. Be sure to mention extra costs, and include time, location, dress code, etc. 

Map of the Area: Ask the hotel to give you a reliable map,  don't trust something you find on the Internet unless it's posted by an authority like the chamber of commerce or visitor's bureau.

Local Transportation Information: Bus schedules and the phone numbers of local taxi companies and car services will help your guests get around when they're on their own.

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