Thursday, September 15, 2011 - Marrying in Mexico: Destination Weddings Double as Vacations - Marrying in Mexico: Destination weddings double as vacations: TULUM, Mexico — I was never someone who dreamed of a big wedding — or any wedding, for that matter. My motto: Give me the honeymoon, and spare me the frothy, white dress.

So when my husband proposed, I said yes — on the condition that we spend an afternoon with a judge and just a few close friends, then run off for a week at the beach. He wanted something a little more formal. In the end we compromised. We got married at the beach, with 70 or so guests, in an event that ended up being cheaper and easier than a traditional wedding, but still unforgettable — with fireworks, mariachis, even a cake fight.

Two years later — as my husband and I traveled to Tulum, south of Cancun, to witness two friends tie the knot on a secluded strip of white sand — I realized I was attending more and more weddings that felt like vacations.

In fact, 10% of the 2 million American couples who marry each year plan so-called "destination weddings" — a 200% increase in the past decade — according to Conde Nast's Bridal Group Infobank and Modern Bride magazine. (Related story: Couples exchanging vows on Alaskan glaciers)

I can understand the trend. Watching the sun set on the no-fuss ceremony in Tulum — carried out by one of the couple's close friends — I realized there is no better vacation than watching two people start a life together, then celebrating in a setting so spectacular you don't even need to decorate. ... Read More 

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