Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Destination Wedding Etiquette: Paying for Guests

Over the next several days I will be highlighting several common destination wedding etiquette questions and offering some advice and guidance. To start things off, I wanted to touch on a question that I've heard echoed several times from individuals planning destination weddings. The question of whether or not you are obligated to pay for your guests' plane flights and/or hotel rooms. 

The answer I have to give is a resounding no. You are under no obligation to take on the costs. It's understood when planning a destination wedding that you will have a number of guests decline that would likely be able attend if the wedding were closer to home. With that said, the couple being married also has to understand that there will be people that will not be able to make the trek. 

Before sending out your save-the-dates, see if you can cut the financial burden of your guests down a bit. Call a few airlines and ask about group rates. Do the same for hotels. Finally, try planning your celebration in the off-season, where flights and hotel costs will likely be significantly lower. 


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