Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Touch of Wedding Whimsy - Pinwheels!

As mentioned again and again, I'm a big fan of small touches that make a wedding unique, that add a touch of whimsy, and provide a little fun (perhaps serve as a prop?) for a wedding. Of course, this specifically applies to destination weddings for me, but the same goes for all sorts. I love drawing inspiration from stateside weddings and adding a fiesta twist to make them ideal for a wedding south of the border. The second that I came across this couples wedding photos on The Wedding Chicks, incorporating pinwheels as a fun decoration, I knew that I wanted to include the idea. This would be a perfect touch for a casual beach wedding. Pinwheels are fun, inexpensive, and would look great sticking out from the sand and whirling in the beach air. Furthermore, there are all sorts of ways to customize your pinwheels for a Mexican ceremony. Mexico colored or themed pinwheels would look great with your fiesta wedding on the beach, not to mention you can give them to your guests as a fun souvenir!

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