Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Paradise Cove in Cabo San Lucas: Hotel Capella Pedregal

A Paradise Cove in Cabo San Lucas: Hotel Capella Pedregal: Hotel Capella Pedregal is brand spanking new and absolutely gorgeous. Think five star location, accommodations, food, and service all in one beautiful little package. Capella Pedregal is located just footsteps from the heart of Los Cabos. One could enjoy a walk to Cabo’s famed nightclubs and selection of amazing restaurants, but there’s no need given the fleet of SUV’s waiting to whisk you off to wherever your heart desires. But first you must travel through a mountain. That’s right, a mountain! Capella Pedregal drilled a tunnel so that it may have access to the city on one side and a blissful, private beach on the other.

Service and Accommodation
Capella Pedegral prides itself on its service and it is dedication to giving its guests the best possible experience. This includes lavish accommodations with your own infinity pool and butler. YES, a butler. Your “mayordomo” is there to greet you, unpack your bags, cook you breakfast, and do anything you need. Just to give you an idea, my favorite shoe broke on the way to the hotel (probably because it was a $10 sandal from Santee alley in Downtown LA) and my lovely mayordomo immediately called in the handy man who was able to fix my shoe in a matter of minutes. A couple of days later I fell victim to an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite during a mid-night party in a friends accommodation and not ten minutes later after I made a call, I had a package of Benadril brought in for me from town. The service at Capella Pedregal is absolutely priceless.

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