Monday, November 7, 2011

Top Coolest Styles in Invitations | Para ti Novia

Top Coolest Styles in Invitations | Para ti Novia: You don’t need to read every blog out there to start to understand the latest new trends in Weddings. But, how do you know you have picked the right trend for you? And, how do you know where to begin? We have scoured all the latest trends to give you the best of the best in invitations and as well as classic wedding invitations for your Wedding!

1. DIY
From colorful oranges, yellows and fuschias, to simple sweet pastels, D-I-Y is way beyond a trend. It is a total lifestyle. We feature a lot of these Do-It Yourself Bodas especially from Monterrey Mexico. We love the chic casual feel of DIY invites so if you are definitely a bohemian Latina this is the style for you.

2. Glamorous / 1920s Retro
We are totally obsessed [and that may be an understatement] with the amazing and beautiful vibe of actual retro 1920s weddings. From beautiful short veils and gorgeous 1920s dresses to the adorable hats and gloves, we have fallen in love with a few of these weddings. So if you are a big fan of retro but even more a fan of the sillouettes of this time period, you will love this Wedding Invitations, just click here. They personify the chic casual elegance of this period.

3. 1950s Retro
Whether you are a true 1950s glam girl already (think Gwen Stefani), or just looking to plan a 1950 Palm Springs themed wedding, these invites will definitely have your guests swooning over your creativity!

4. Brooklyn Black and White
Um love NY anyone? You don’t need to be from Brooklyn to have a bit of edge to your wedding. Think more Rockabilly meets DIY, with a gray tone feel. These types of weddings definitely have their fair share of Blacks, Whites, and Grays with pops of different colors usually in lighter shades of blue, green or yellow for even more edge. To find a few of these designs, click here.

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