Sunday, October 23, 2011

Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding: The Reception!

Over the past two days We've gone over tips for dressing appropriately at your beach wedding, and how to make the most of your ceremony. To wrap up, I wanted to include the final segment from Destination Wedding Magazine: The Reception!

Anchor decor. Wind can topple tall floral arrangements, blow out candles and send other table elements flying. “Stay away from glass vases, which can easily break in the sand,” warns Bussen. If tall centerpieces are your dream, Helmstetter recommends having the florist secure them to the table with heavy objects. “She can always cover these mechanics by lining the vases with ti leaves, palms or other natural elements.” For lighting, “use hurricane-style lanterns or LED candles, which are flameless and longlasting,” says Bussen. When wind-proofing place cards and favors, a little creativity can go a long way. “Tie sea horses to each place card,” Helmstetter suggests, “and weigh your menus and napkins down with maracas or coconut shells.”

Rent a powder room. If marrying on a public beach, find out if there are bathrooms. If not, Natalie John of Dreamy Weddings & Tours suggests, “Hire an upscale portable lavatory for a few hours, especially if there will be lots of drinking during the reception.”

Keep warm. To help you and your guests fight a wind chill, Bussen advises, “Arrange a basket of comfy, color-coordinated pashminas to warm ladies’ shoulders.”

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