Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mexican Sodas, A Fun Way to Incorporate Your Destination or Theme!

I'm always talking about how much I enjoy fun ideas that further incorporate Mexican flavor into a destination or Mexican themed wedding -- ranging from food to decorations to traditions, I think it's a wonderful way to honor the culture that you are celebrating with your wedding. One idea that I really love is serving delicious Mexican soft drinks to your guests. Not only is this an easy and inexpensive treat that will be aesthetically pleasing, but they're delicious! Add a touch of color by distributing various shades of Jarritos soda to guests, if you want to add a special touch try customizing the colors based on wedding theme. Also, who doesn't love real Mexican Coke in the glass bottles? For those that think it's no difference, think again. The trick is that it's made with real sugar, adding that extra flavor and crisp. A fun additional touch for this idea is to somehow merge the bottles into name settings. The sky is the limit!

Photo Credit: Heavenly Blooms Blog

Photo Credit: Style Unveiled

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