Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Consider a Gastro-truck Catering Option for your Wedding

Para ti Novia made a great discover in Juan Miron’s incredible Gastro-truck MIHO GASTROTRUCK.

What's so great about Catering Trucks?
First of all, they can go anywhere! So whether you are in the desert, or on a beach, these catering trucks can pull up right beside your guests. As Para ti Novia said, these trucks are all over the Food Network. In fact, Los Angeles, CA recently was home to one of the first lunch truck competitions!

These are some of Para ti Novia's suggestions for hand-passed starters that make amazing late night starters for your guests as you take your party into the breakfast hour. Think of this as sort of fun messy finger foods!
  • Barbacoa tacos
  • Black bean tostadas
The Meal:
  • Grass-fed Harrissa Burgers
  • Pull Pork Belly Sandwick
  • Belgian Fries


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